An actual cross-platform FMOD library.

Sup foxes.
I was kinda surprised that to this day there is no cross-platform FMOD library, so I went ahead and wrote it. Yes, the day has come - you’re no longer forced into barely functional default audio engine.

ChaiFoxes.FMODAudio supports Windows, Linux and Android, retains access to low-level FMOD wrapper and provides my own basic high-level wrapper which makes working with audio way easier.

Sources, simple demo project and installation tutorial:


Whelp, this is certainly going to get investigated for my next project.

Excellent contribution, thanks :slight_smile:

Reading the api documentation says that comes in two flavours, FMOD studio API and FMOD studio low level API. What API is your wrapper for?


Just basic lowlevel API. But you could add DSP\Studio stuff yourself pretty easily. The hard part is loading the library and audio files, which is already done for you.

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FMOD Audio 2.0 is up! :0
Completely reworked the API and added FMOD Studio support.