An unlimited, procedural chunked terrain demo

Hey everyone!

Terrain rendering and large-scale worlds have always interested me, even if most of my experiments with them never actually turn into a playable game. I started out in this area using quadtrees with XNA, and some of that eventually morphed into my procedural lunar flight simulator which is my flagship 3D mobile app.

Recently though, I tried a new approach, specifically focussing on ground-level exploration. This time, I created a system which uses dynamic chunks to render the world in consistent detail around the player, giving them an environment which theoretically stretches off to infinity.

It’s not a game as such, but I really like the power it gives to create, explore and modify worlds as I please :grin: It’s also my first experiment with procedural object placement, and I’m really pleased with the chill little world I’ve created so I thought I’d share! Thanks for looking - maybe this will help someone who wants a simple no-frills example for dynamic terrain rendering.