Android Activity MD5?


When I try to start the game on Android from my Windows Desktop using:

adb shell am start -n " + id .. etc

I’ve noticed a md5 sum prefix on the activity name (default: Activity1). But because I’m generating the Visual Studio project file - among others - from templates, this md5 sum will change!

Is there any way I can query this md5 sum? Or turn it off?


Found IT!

In the folder: obj/<release/debug>/android/bin/classes folders exist with the md5sums. If you search the one containing the activity (Activity1 by default) you will have found the md5. You can use it to start and log the App. Then you can do the following.

Install the APK

adb install -r <PathToAPK>

Start The APK

adb shell am start -n <appid>/<md5sum>.Activity1

Log the APK. (stdout: ex. Console.Write) (windows, thru cmd… better for PS)

cmd /C "adb logcat | findstr /i mono"

Log the APK. (stdout: ex. Console.Write) (unix)

adb logcat | grep -i mono