Android apps on Linux

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Surely it’s a question hundred times responsed: Can I develop Android apps (.apk) using monodevelop (5.1) + monogame (3.5)? If so, how must I do (seems not to appear currently any Android template or similar, neither had found an option to compile to .apk).

PD : Had searched right before with google, but only found Xamarin option in windows by payment. Is it that one the only option? Buying Xamarin for Android?

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Xamarin is free for small teams as of recently. You can develop in Visual Studio on Windows and Xamarin Studio on Mac, but there’s currently no official solution for Linux. I don’t know how hard it is to get setup in just MonoDevelop. You could try to build XS on Linux yourself. @dellis1972 might know more about this.

Xamarin.Android is free now, you can make MG Android games using Linux, but it’s not really easy.

  1. You need to manually compile Xamarin.Android
  2. There is no Xamarin.Android monodevelop addin so you either have to try and hack around the Windows addin (which I did for myself), or you won’t be able to open up Xamarin.Android projects using MD and will have to deploy apps using terminal

If you are searching for some simple way to do it, there really isn’t one.

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Anyway, if you got source code modified right now…can you pass it to me so I can check it out? Can be as well sent to monogame general project, so perhaps it’s a good improvement for the general project…

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If you are talking about Xamrin.Android compiler then compile it yourself, and look on gitter for any errors you get. I don’t remember what modifications I had to do to get it running, but the solution is on gitter.

If you are talking about MD addin, that I cannot share, because it’s not released open source and I had to do some evil stuff to get it running on Linux…