Android Game crash at launch

Hi, I’m using Monogame Framework for my Android Game and I’ve encountered this Exception( NoSuitableGraphicsDeviceException ). I’m currently using a physical device to debug my program and is not using an emulator.

What make and model device? That exception means it couldn’t initialise the OpenGL graphics.

What do you mean by make? I’m using Sony Xperia Z5 Premium to test

“make” is the brand or manufacturer. Must be an Aussie thing.

So it’s a 64-bit ARM device. We’ve had reports of black screens on the latest Samsung Galaxy that uses Android 64-bit. Perhaps this is related.

HI can you gist ( the adb logcat output of the crash

First run

adb logcat -c
Run the game
adb logcat <- post this please

It might give us more information on what graphics modes it is trying and failing on.

Also can you run the standard Xamarin.Android OpenGL Project?

So I run adb logcat using the Android SDK Command Prompt in Xamarin Studio right?