Android games made with monogame ?

I’d like to learn monogame, I know there are really awesome games made with it. But i wonder why I cannot google any android games made with monogame… only found like 1 github repo for android game called The Witness.

Most games don’t usually advertise what framework they were made with; for example, Stardew Valley was made with MonoGame and it doesn’t say so on its page. Also, I would recommend to learn MonoGame first and then learn to use it in Android. Note that I’m not very experienced with MonoGame myself, but I used this method of learning to use SFML and c++ on android.

Yes, no requirement to list your game as an C#, .NET, XNA/MonoGame framework, Super Game Engine, ultra modification, based on the game x y z…

Although it’s amusing when you’re watching a game and it only pulsates the menu entry, a dead giveaway for the XNA Sample… X_x

Just wanted to know if there are any popular well made games with it. Like indie titles on PC