Android SoundEffect.FromStream Exception


I’m getting a Platform Not Supported exception when I try to load SoundEffects from a Stream

Is this feature not implemented or am I doing something wrong?

Its not supported on Android as far as I know. But I could be wrong. Can you post some sample code?

        Stream fs = TitleContainer.OpenStream(audioFolder + soundName + ".wav");
        SoundEffect sE = SoundEffect.FromStream(fs); //Exception here Platform not supported.

Is it impossible for android? or not implemented yet?

I can load everything else like this except SoundEffects

AFAICT it should work on Android. Maybe the format of your audio file is not supported.

I found out.

In Monogame 3.6 SoundEffect.FromStream is not working for Android there is a StreamReader reader.BaseStream.Length NotSupportedException. in the AudioLoader

I checked the current development build and the AudioLoader has massive changes. It’s working perfectly there.

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