Android System.DllNotFoundException:

I’ve got an old Nexus 9 tablet running Android 7.1

MonoGame is failing to start because it can’t find

I see in the source code where it is trying to load it, but I don’t know what this library does or why it is failing on this particular device.

Found the following error in the logs:

07-27 18:28:33.508 V/AndroidGameView( 7018): GLES 0.0 Not Supported. Bad Match

I had this bug too in my Xiaomi Redmi 4 (Android 7.1 API 25). I tried building from assembly but I was getting this same error that it could not find

The app was specifically not working on this model. I could successfully install and run it on Emulator as well as another android phone (of API 28, if I’m not wrong).

In the end I downgraded from Monogame 3.7 to 3.6 and finally it worked.