AndroidTV Holding Keyboard Key stutters after 1/2 second

I am porting a Windows game to Android. It only took a couple of hours to get an Android version up and running, which is amazing considering I have no prior Android experience and didn’t design the game up front with Android port in mind. Thanks to everyone that put time into MonoGame.

I have one major problem with the port dealing keyboard input. When I hold down a key to move a sprite, it moves smoothly for about 1/2 of a second and then it starts to stutter.

I spent some time debugging, and it appears calls to KeyboardState.IsKeyDown starts cycling between true and false after about a half second. This makes the sprite move jerky.

At first I thought maybe there was a performance problem, but when I control the mouse by checking the held state of a mouse button everything works fine.

I wasn’t sure if the keyboardstate.IsKeyDown starting to cycle after a while is a bug or intended behaviour.

To reproduce, create a clean MonoGame project and add the following code. You will have to find your own spaceship texture though… I used Monogame 3.7.1.

sealed class Game1 : Game
    GraphicsDeviceManager graphics;
    SpriteBatch spriteBatch;
    KeyboardState currentKeyboard = new KeyboardState();
    Vector2 spritePosition;

    public Game1()
        graphics = new GraphicsDeviceManager(this);
        Content.RootDirectory = "Content";
        graphics.IsFullScreen = true;
        graphics.PreferredBackBufferWidth = 800;
        graphics.PreferredBackBufferHeight = 480;
        graphics.SupportedOrientations = DisplayOrientation.LandscapeLeft | DisplayOrientation.LandscapeRight;

    protected override void LoadContent()
        spriteBatch = new SpriteBatch(GraphicsDevice);

    protected override void Update(GameTime gameTime)
        currentKeyboard = Keyboard.GetState();

        if (currentKeyboard.IsKeyDown(Keys.Left))
            spritePosition.X -= 1;
        else if (currentKeyboard.IsKeyDown(Keys.Right))
            spritePosition.X += 1;


   protected override void Draw(GameTime gameTime)

        spriteBatch.Draw(Content.Load<Texture2D>("Spaceship"), spritePosition, Color.White);


If this looks like a bug, I’ll write up an issue on GitHub. I suspect it is intended behaviour though and was hoping there was a way to turn off the cycling. Or maybe someone has a workaround in one of there games. I’m targeting AndroidTV, so maybe it is rare that someone would attach an actual keyboard, but probably best to support it since I already have keyboard logic in the game.


This is a bug! Probably never got caught because there’s few people using keyboards with Android.

Was there ever any updates or workarounds on this? I’m having the same problem.