Animation Pipeline for Phone8 Sliverlight

I posted this to the old MonoGame because there was a thread on this there; so I don’t want to repeat all of this.

The problem I am having is with the code KingOfArrows (THANK YOU!) provided. Since he hasn’t been active there for a year or more, I thought I would reach out here.

In the files he dropped dropboxlinktoKingArrowsFile =

he commented out the line:

// model.Tag = skin;

And this is where I think you expect to find it again later. If I uncomment the line, then I get some awful problems reading it. The reflector cannot see any of these, and so I did a little hard coding in MonoGame ContentTypeReaderManager

var l_readerType = Type.GetType(readerTypeString);
if (isSkin)
l_readerType = typeof(ModelAnimationProcessor.SkinningData);
if (isAnimationClip)
l_readerType = typeof(DictionaryReader<string, ModelAnimationProcessor.AnimationClip>);

The second one, seems to at least get loaded into the ContentTypeReader[], but SkinningData fails to. However thjs might be because DictionarReader<,> has its own reader, but SkinningData needs one. And it looks like it might expect to use XMLImporter, but I cannot figure out how to coerce this in the ContentTypeReaderManager; that is, when SkinningData is instantiated, it finds the type but cannot find the read. I’m thinking that the SkinningData need not be read at all as it is attached to the animation data.

Many thanks in advance. I’ve got a good deal of experience with monogame and the customcontent importers, but I’m not sure how to work this one.

Check out by blog for a sample that loads GPU/CPU skinning on monogame but also improves on the loading performance of the AnimationClipReader.