Anisotropic filter WP8


Is there any significative difference with anisotropic filter in WP7-XNA and WP8-Monogame?

I’m “going HD” with one of my WP7 XNA games and with the same settings of anisotropic filter, texture and resolution (using 800x480 device for the tests), I get much worse results (aliasing is blatant, while it was not in WP7).

I have to adjust the MipMapLevelOfDetailBias to a big value (0.5…0.6), but then obviously all the textures become blurrier.

The problem seems to be more critical in my Nokia 520 (only 800x480 wp8 device I have), but on HTC 8x this problem seems not too obvious (though it’s probably due to the increased resolution)

Any ideas on what could be causing this difference between WP7 and WP8? Does anisotropic filter depends on the hardware?


Off the top of my head I don’t know of any issue with this.

Can you post some side-by-side screenshots of the differences? It might make it easier to diagnose.