Announcing the MonoGame Foundation

Two months ago, we announced our intention to create a non-profit organization to help fund and secure the future of the MonoGame framework as an open-source initiative.

Today, we are pleased to announce that the MonoGame Foundation is officially in business and has applied for non-profit status (which is pending validation).

The MonoGame Foundation’s goal is to bolster the development of the MonoGame framework by voting and funding initiatives to strengthen or expand the open-source project. To this purpose, the Patreon and active donations have been redirected to this new entity.

This new step wouldn’t be possible without a major sponsor: Re-Logic, developers of Terraria, who have committed to support the foundation with a $100,000 donation. On behalf of the foundation board, we would like to celebrate their support and dedication to open-source software, as well as renewing our thanks to past, present, and future donors.

To highlight this shift, we are introducing a new website which is now fully automated with Github. The paint is still fresh, but we hope to expand it with more information about the MonoGame Foundation, like how it operates, and how to join it or contribute.

We will soon communicate about the foundation roadmap and the start of projects.

We would like to thank the community for its continuous support, and we hope to build the next iteration of the framework together.

The MonoGame Foundation board:

  • Dean Ellis, President
  • Marko Jeremic, Chairman
  • Dominique Louis, Treasurer
  • Simon Jackson, Secretary
  • Tom Spilman
  • Thomas Altenburger

Welcome to the new era of MonoGame everyone.

This is a step in the right direction.



Woo! This is such a huge step forwards and having the (massive) backing of a beloved studio like Re-Logic is huge news. I can’t wait to see the growth MonoGame’s going to have now that it has the resources to compete with at least the big FOSS engine that is Godot.


Excellent news! Congratulations! I hope this leads to many great things for Monogame!


Congrats to the new MonoGame Foundation.


Congrats! really exciting times!