Announcing Tower Blocks

My game Tower Blocks is now available on iOS and Windows 8. I’m struggling a bit with the Windows Phone 8 version, but I’m hoping that will follow soon. It’s a 3D tower block puzzle game, inspired by Tetris.

I’ve been working on it for ages, but it’s my first game project and there’s a lot I’d like to improve.

After getting the Win Phone 8 and Android version working, I’d like to:

  • Improve the 3D graphics (better lighting, better textures and a better background)
  • Improve the touch controls
  • Add some more animation and transition effects

I’d love to hear people’s feedback and if worthy it’d be nice if there could be a blog post about my game.


I gave it a play yesterday! I must admit that it’s quite addicting. However, the controls sometimes feels like their not responding. Also, some “button press” animations would give the menus a bit more depth.

Btw; Awesome idea, fun too!


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Thanks @philip

I know what you mean about the controls. It’s on my list of things to improve, but I’m not sure where to start, or what I’m doing wrong. I just know they don’t feel right.