Any plans for PS Vita support (non-PS Mobile)?

Just wondering whether this was being considered. It’s the only thing stopping me from going full Monogame with all of my future projects.

I don’t think any news has ever popped out for a PS Vita port.
That said a PS4 mono and monogame port was in progress some month ago, so in the not so near futurethere is a slight chance.

Darn. Yeah, hopefully there’ll be a chance. I was granted access to the Monogame PS4 version recently and it seems amazing, but I really don’t want to drop PS Vita support or have to port every project.

Sorry if i change subject, but is PS.Vita still an interesting market?

It looks like an interesting market to me. I haven’t released any games on the main Vita PSN store yet, so I don’t have much first-hand experience with seeing how well games sell on Vita, but there are a few reasons I predict Vita to be a good market:

  • I released one very small Vita game on PS Mobile, and its sales were decent. The game only took about two weeks of actual work to develop, and the PS Mobile section is sort of tucked away, so I wasn’t expecting much at all… But despite all of that, it did get some sales- significantly more than what the same game ever received on Android (this was a port). Given the fact that the main PSN store receives much more exposure than the PS Mobile store, I think sales for even small games can be decent.

  • The Vita’s user base is small, but despite this (or because of this?), the Vita owners in online communities seem to be really supportive of the platform and of software released for it. This is of course a generalization, but the attitude tends to be that people want to vote with their dollars to show support for developers who show support for the Vita, since developer support for the Vita is becoming rarer these days.

  • The Vita market is very welcoming to indie games. It’s gained a reputation of being something of a “JRPG and indie machine,” and that works out well for us.

Granted, this is mostly speculation, but it’s for these reasons that I think the Vita is a market very much worth pursuing, despite being a relatively small market. It might just be too small to focus individually on, which is why having a cross-platform framework like Monogame would be great.

For going cross-platform, Sony has its PhyreEngine, which is great and targets the various PlayStation platforms as well as PC, but I personally like using MonoGame a bit more.

Thank you for sharing these points, we had a really decent port ready for the psvita mobile but we had to drop it for the low memory the system gave to mobile games. Now that PSM is dead having a version of monogame that targets the main version could be a deal breaker to bring loads of good games to the platform…
Just thinking to some of the blockbusters like “Bastion”, or fez should be enough to move Sony close to monogame…

True, those games would really benefit from a Vita port of Monogame.

The biggest roadblock might be getting Mono to run on the Vita. Then again, PS Mobile ran on Vita through Mono, so it should be a technical possibility.

There seem to be some indicators of Monogame coming to Vita. Both Matt Makes Games (Towerfall) and Happ Games (Axiom Verge) are waiting on monogame port to bring their titles to the Vita. Both of which were due earlier this year.

Whether this is developers just being pushy or there is legitimate support is beyond me. I personally would like a straight up answer to this as I have halted all work on my Monogame project to support my C++ engine instead to meet my needs.

@KazeEternal interesting, I really hope this is progressing. An article quoting the Axiom Verge developer says that it is, so I hope so.

In the meantime, I’ve been developing using PhyreEngine (one PS Vita game published with it two months ago), and while it’s a great engine, I’d really like to use C#.

Apologies for resurrecting this old post but I couldn’t get any response on PS Vita Developer forums and personally tried to e-mail Tom Spilman so want to try from here last time.

Is MonoGame still available for PS Vita? I would appreciate if I could have any information regarding this since my game is approved for PS4 and would like to submit for PS Vita as well depending on this availability.

Thanks a lot in advance…

Özden Irmak

You can still probably find and download the PSM / Mobile / Suite or whatever they called the IDE. However, that was made for PS Mobile. And it’s unlikely to work, obviously not on the storefront. Sony abandoned that option.

The next option is either MonoGame has a PS Vita port directly or you have to wait on the MonoGame to C++ Transpiler (?) / Compiler, which hasn’t been released, if it will (?).

The third option is to put MonoGame into an engine, such as Unity 3D, which has been done, but the only build I’ve heard of was years ago and I don’t think it’s been updated since.

The secret fourth option is to get MG to run on PS Vita, yourself… X_x

Hi There,

Thank you for taking time and writing a reply and suggestions.

I don’t want to break any NDA so won’t comment on the options but It’s probably best to use this space a last time to call Tom or Steve if kindly they could contact me directly or respond to PS Vita developer forum MonoGame thread about this as a simple yes or no so I can adjust my plans accordingly.


Özden Irmak

@Tom is the person that handles the native PS Vita support, and has usually done the ports to PS Vita. I have no access to that platform. I know Tom has been very busy lately with projects, so he may just have missed the email.

Ah, ok than, I’m in no rush at the moment so can try to reach Tom later to discuss this topic.

Thanks again…