Any Protogame video tutorials?

When I look for protogame on YT it returns bunch of unrelated results, probably due to generic name of the library.

What do you want to do with protogame ? Your own game ? Or get the sources of monogame to build your own ? (explains how to use it somehow)

My own game. And yeah, I’ve read the docs, it explains some stuff but not nearly enough. Eventually I’ll probably get it, but video tutorials that e.g. build a simple game from start to finish with things like scrolling, menus and so on would make my understanding faster.

I’m not sure a “full” tutorial like this exists as a video :confused:

And in text form? I’d really appreciate any other protogame learning resources other than docs (which are great if you need to get knowledge on a specific part of the engine, but not when you want to make game as fast as possible).

If you want to use the game engine made with monogame called protogame, you should post your questions here: About Protogame
Not everyone here works with this engine, more likely each dev here makes its own game engine for the purpose of its game
If you want to make a game as fast as possible it may not be the best choice, monogame is lower level than ue4 and unity but more likely to learn something with monogame in development/coding

There’s no video tutorials at this time.

Right now I’m pretty busy with contract work so I haven’t had a chance to keep up to date on Protogame things as much as I would have liked.

Did this change?

As far as I know, no.
Protogame is no longer in active development because the team behind it switched to Unreal. Related blog post:

Of course you can still use it, it’s one of the most feature-rich open-source engines built on top of MonoGame.

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And any chance to get this back merged?
I mean especially their level editor in 3D

You mean merged back into the main MonoGame repo? That won’t happen. MonoGame is mostly a platform abstraction layer and things like 3D editors are way out of scope.

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