Any simple tutorials/tips for posting to facebook from a monogame game (all mobile platforms)?

Pleased to say that I’m making some progress with ads - next thing I’m after is facebook integration!

All I’m really interested in is logging in and posting to facebook from in-game. Does anyone know where there’s a good step-by-step tutorial?

Cheers has a good amount of tutorials for WP8 here:

Last time I checked WP8 and W8 integration was almost the same. It even worked on android until facebook decide to change their login process (I didn’t bother updating it, so I can’t help much on that)

Thanks - but I’m afraid I’m drawing blanks on FacebookSDK… I guess they must have updated since writing the tutorials, as the namespace “Facebook.Client” does not exist, and Facebook.FacebookClient (nearest equivalent I could find in intellisense) seems t be completely different to what I can see in the documentation…

Oh well, guess I’ll try and make contact with the SDK developers. Thanks again!

Hmmm i’m working on something similar on my end… Can you bring the user to a webpage to get them to “Allow” your app? Or are you going the hard way starting a facebook window over the game window? In the last case a multiplatform approach is impossible as there are different client sdks, so you’d have to wrap them one by one…

In case you do contact them i’d love to send a mail as well so we can make some noise and maybe have facebook give some attention to xamarin and maybe monogame…

Some news ? I manage ads to my game and now i want to implement facebook like you :slight_smile:

Do you had news from facebook SDK ? Or did you find exemple ? I don t succes to make facebook works with my android game :confused:

Thanks :wink:

@Z3nk - Yes, I did manage to get this working, and it’s out there in my latest game on Windows Phone 8.0 and Android. The iOS version checks out too, but I’m currently blocked from releasing that version…

If you - or indeed, any other Monogame developer - want to use what I’ve come up with, let me know so I can put together a usage guide and get it posted up somewhere where the code can easily be shared.

@Ben_P1 Yes it would be awesome !
If you can share a guide in this topic or everywhere else, it would be so helpfull for us !