Any solutions?

Does anyone have idea of whats going on and how to fix it? I would appriciate if someone could help!

How about you properly describe your problem first.

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Please post your code using the code button so people can assist better, your screenshots pinpoint errors, but the code is what needs fixing.

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Hey so whenever i open mgcb editor and click open and add content to it (cuz it is empty always) and i add a file png build it and save then exit from editor. I tried loading and drawing an image (after i build finishes) program would run an open up monogame screen but there is no image. When i reopen mcgb editor theres no content or image inside of it even if there is in project under content.mgcb the image file that i built.(it is png file i didnt make any error in code cuz build was succeeded.Basically every time i reopen mcgb editor it is always empty no ckntent to png file.(even after i used it to load sprites and saved it it is empty) also mgcb editor is always empty theres no content in it when i open it idk should it be that way or not but i have manually add content to it

Set the file as Copy if Newer…

See below:

Adding Content | MonoGame Documentation

I already done that it is not my first time using monogame and mcgb editor.I used monogame before and coded few basic games.