Any suggestion for Best Real-Time Cloth Simulation with Self-Collision


Please suggest me some good GPU based Cloth Simulation framework with Self-collision.

Currently I am using Bullet Physics, It has good cloth simulation, but does not have Self-collision and GPU processing support.


Found using:

and by searching Wikipedia

Hi @MrValentine, Thanks for the reply, I have checked the links you provided.

They might be good, but I am looking for powerful cloth simulation physics in real-time.

Please let me know if you or any-one got experience with NVIdia Apex clothing, How to integrate Nvidia PhysX in Monogame or XNA

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I think you will have to make your own wrapper between the C++ api of APEX and monogame :confused:

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I remember seeing .Net libraries in the NVidia Dev portal of some libraries but they were lacking in features…

Just go register, it is free…

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