Any Suggestions for Network Gaming on XBox One?

I am looking for suggestions on how to implement multiplayer gaming over the internet for an XBox One game.

I decided that building a cool 3D game with my son would be a great thing to do during the quarantine. We have a nice 3D engine and simple level editor working in MonoGame. It is a UWP project that runs on both XBox One and Windows. Unforunately, all of the suggestions from my son have us building something that looks way too similar to Fortnite (yuck.) Now, he says that it isn’t going to be fun unless we can play it online with his friends.

I would like to start with a peer-to-peer approach. The host will accept joystick input data from all the players and return location data for each character and object in the game (hopefully several times a second.)

Does anyone have any suggestions on where to start? I could probably do this on Windows, but I am guessing there are going to be lots of headaches and hurdles to jump through for the XBox One system.

Hi, even with P2P, you require a Lobby server of sorts to match them up.

P2P has inherent Firewall issues however. [Believe you me I hate the Switch for this issue]

Perhaps look at ASP .NET WCF stuff…

Lidgren is supposedly to work fine in .Net Core?