Any tutorial that show how to use Monogame.Extended step by step?

I am a newbie .

I heard that Monogame.Extended can ream TileMap from .tmx.
I am already install Monogame.Extended and make reference to my project.

But i really have no idea to start with it.

I have google about it,but i still don’t understand enough.

So, Anyone have tutorial please share to me.
Or anyone who good at it please guide me.

Thank you.

I’m also in the same boat as you, there is very little documentation on the wiki to help with, however they are quite a few samples in the download, but I would love to have these extended at some point.

e.g. The GUI Button sample there - “clicked, hover etc.” seems very good to detect the mouse and changes the image - but I can’t work out how the feed back is dealt with when the user clicks the button - What would be nice is something in the main game section to detect the click of the button and perhaps do something…

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The GUI system is very much a work in progress and won’t be ready for some time. That sample is just me testing things as I work on them.

@craftworkgames - Ahh thanks for confirming that. :slightly_smiling:

I have tried helping with documentation or guides but I am simply too inexperienced in both how the framework works and also in writing styles.

One thing I would love to do once I have a decent game up and running is do some tutorials of how I progressed to help others.

In the meantime I would suggest either youtube or general guides on XNA camera, Tiled map guides (many unity tutorials on using tiled map editor), and things like that and just trying to translate it over to how you need it.

Thank you ,Thank you, Thank you.

Please you give me the sample source code.

I tried working with the MonoGame.Extended component and found it to be unworkable as a result of the lack of documentation. I tried compiling the various projects within the sample code but they always resulted in a lot of compiled errors. I did my compiles under both Visual Studio 2013 and 2015. However, I may give it another try.

@Steve_Naidamast Were you working with a release or a develop branch?

The source code under develop (and thus release versions as well), along with the demos, are compiled and tested (both with unit tests and by running the actual demos) by various contributors (at least @craftworkgames and me) on various platforms without any problem.

I recommend you have the following 3 things to work with develop branch of MonoGame.Extended under Windows:

  1. Visual Studio 2015 (Community or equivalent) with latest updates. (Currently Update 3)
  2. Up to date NuGet Package Manager for Visual Studio.
  3. Latest MonoGame version installed for Windows. (Currently 3.5)

For Mac, 3 things:

  1. Xamarin Studio with latest updates. (FREE for students, open source development or small companies (< 5 users)).
  2. Latest MonoGame version installed for Mac. (Currently 3.5)
  3. Latest MonoGame GUI Pipeline Tool. (Separate download. Currently 3.5)

@Tanakhon_Kaewkunha You can check out the sample source code of various features under the demos.

Thank you very much.

@LithiumToast Just pointing out I didn’t have a problem with the demos when I ran them, though I wish some of them were a bit more detailed, like the GUI button I mentioned.

The GUI code is very much a work in progress. When it’s done the demo will be much more than just one button. Most of the demos are a good way to get started with the library but please keep in mind that the develop branch is going to have code in it that’s not ready for release.

I think Monogame extended is still in very early development stage and is not workable at all. If it was we will have at least one proper answer by now.

What would be great to see, is a simple game that makes use of most of the features of Monogame.Extended. Hard to evaluate what is here, other than to dive into code to see what it does. The test code is useful, but without seeing how all the pieces are intended to fit together, this is challenging to make sense out of.

This is something I’d really like to do. I’ve thought about it quite a bit. It’s going to be quite a bit of work. The game would have to be something small in scope.

  • Do you have any thoughts on what kind of game would make sense to make?
  • How would you like the tutorials presented? (blog, youtube, etc)
  • Where do we get the art assets? (if we want to make the code open source we’d also need to use open source art)

Hi, any update on this by now? Like how the collision system works?
Could you maybe release a list of which nuget package is intended for usage, and which is not usable?