Any Usable UI Library?

I wonder if there is a ui library for monogame which is up to date? Many of the obselete ones I’ve looked into and waste a whole day to find them all in a extremely bad state. Or perhaps I should write one myself(a little bit tedious though)?

Take a look at this thread.

If all goes well, Monogame.Extended should get usable GUI library in few days, based on the Nuclex Framework.

thanks! I’ve seen it and found it hard to use most of them.:sweat_smile:

Looking forward to it!

It really depends on what exactly you are looking for in a UI library. Simple buttons and text labels or full layout control with a range of UI controls?

I got Ruminate to work with very small changes mainly adding using statements and adding the right assembly references. It’s by far the most simple to use that I’ve tried. I’m not familiar with what monogame.extended is doing illbhave to look into that. But Ruminate as a whole works really well.

I’ve had a lot of luck putting together using EmptyKeys. Interestingly, despite being designed to generate from XAML, I’ve been able to make UI from code directly with minimal effort.