Anybody have problems with MonoGame on Android 5.0 Lollipop?

Unfortunately Square Off on Android 5.0 crashes at start. So far it’s only been reported on the Nexus 5 but I was wondering if anybody who has Lollipop installed would be able to download it (free) and see if it runs?

I’ve mananged to get a friend to get the logcat and it seems to die right after the splash activity attempts to start the game activity, but there’s nothing conclusive in the log.

I should also note that the version of Xamarin.Android used to compile it is now around 1.5 years old.


I tested it here myself on a Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 (2012), both with Android 5.0. Exhibits the same issue and logcat output on both.

Apparently it is a known issue with how Xamarin.Android was calling JNIEnv::CallNonVirtual*Method() methods that was exposed with the new runtime. It was fixed back in February this year, so building with Xamarin.Android from 18 months ago will have these issues. The fix will be to rebuild with latest Xamarin.Android.

Thank you @KonajuGames, that is exactly what I needed to know. I guess it’s time to renew my Xamarin.Android!

Xamarin.Android made a lot of progress over 2014. All the biggest issues have been fixed, including fast app resume support (fixing GL context loss) and MonoGame has switched to the OpenTK-1.0 branch (which allows running on non-UI thread for smoother GL updates).
I’ve recently updated a one year old game and was pretty pleased to be able to remove all the dirty hacks that the Android build required. The game now has the exact same code base on iOS/Android/WP8/Windows.

Square Off players (inc. myself) will most probably enjoy the update.

Thanks for the info @mrhelmut, much appreciated. Even so, I’m a little worried about new bugs being introduced, both in Xamarin and MonoGame. Do you guys know of any nasty surprises in the latest MG development repo? (I understand there are quite a lot of fixes since the 3.2 release).