Anyone have pipeline source with enable debug mode in it?

I am continuing with my endeavours to determine what is causing the pipeline to fail and believe the fault maybe in the MGCB.exe.
I wanted to enable debug mode in that seeing as it has an option to do so.
Searching through the current pipeline code there is no such option so I was wondering if anyone may have some idea where the source for a version of pipeline with the enable debug mode option in it would be.
If nothing comes up then I will work round it for now but thought it would help me make some more progress.
I intend to make the debug enable option in pipeline available again at some point.
Any help much appreciated.

In the latest version it’s a per-project setting. So you enable it in the project properties (click on the project root, then check the inspector). This will be changed back in future versions though.

Is it something you put into the project properties Debug Command line arguments?
I ask as I tried /launchDebugger and it thought it was a project file.
I wanted to get the launchdebugger option passed to MGCB as part of the Build process to see if it would help me with my investigation into pipeline failure.

Oh, sorry for the confusion! I was talking about the Pipeline Tool. You can’t set this flag from csproject properties, but in the Pipeline Tool in the project root (the .mgcb file). If you’re running MGCB from the command line you can pass the /launchDebugger flag like you did.

Ok. added /launchDebugger:True into the mgcb file and am now able to debug MGCB.exe.
Thanks for help.

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