Anyone here create a game engine with monogame to work on your project?

Has anyone here had any experience on creating a game engine with monogame to work on your project? All i do is code into monogame, without a game engine, but i sometimes think it would be better to make a game engine, although i’m not such an expert developer and don’t know where to start, or how long it would take me. Anyone here have an experience with that?


There are multiple books on MonoGame, some feature a game engine framework.

Search for MonoGame on the river…


Take a look at Nez… it has a ECS… lots of game engine stuff… i took some of it… but its was also support FNA and its a bit compex with its own font code… but definitely u can take its Entity system and other parts… and Myra… tahts WPF still user interface… you can pick and choose and sort patch toether an nice thin engine , just what u need and no bloat…

Aslo Aether physic engine physics fir 2d physics based on Box2d… for 3d bepu maybe is the best… is teh mosst current pnysics engine all c#… theres one using Numerics… problem is make usre they are build using current code and recently updated… tons