Anyone Succesfully Built DigitalRune Engine on MonoGame ?

So the DigitalRune team have open sourced all their great endeavours and samples to work with MonoGame (Physics, Terrains and Rigs) The YouTube videos makes this look trolley compelling. The Source is on GitHub, with Build instructions:
DigitalRune on GitHub

But I am really struggling to get the engine built, as
a) I am not a GitHub master 'update all git submodules recursively…"
b) Protobuild.exe missing from Source/MonoGame directory
c) The Build-Content-Release fails to find directory, MGCB.exe directory and file missing etc
etc etc

So I have failed to get DigitalBuild up and running with MonoGame, which is a major disappointment, as it looked so awesome. Like a lot of MonoGame stuff, incredible technology and yet so near and yet so far, for the lack of documentation and easy installation tools

ATB Jules

OK I installed GitHub Visual Studio Extension which provided a “Clone repository” option etc( I am a newbie to all this)
I could then follow the revised DigitalRune Download and Install instructions form LU05:
LU05 instructions on Digital Rune Install
This helped me update all repositories recursively and as such the ProtoTypebuild.exe was now successfully created.
Following through, lots of build errors, repeated NuGet, and rebuild to get a successful demonstration of DigitalRune samples in UWP.

Truely awesome Demos.

Next Job is to study and prune down the code (Lots and lots of it) to understand it and how to apply it to my terrains

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