Anyone using a Mac for monogame development?


I am an developer who primarily works on Mac OS. And I’m ready to move away from Unity and ready to give Mono a try.

Question here is anyone using a Mac for realising their games? Even on consoles?

Any issues I need to be weary of?

Just for ease would rather stay with Mac OS.

Hey @EngineerKunle, Welcome to the Community!

Don’t blame you, it is lovely to finally have a single reason to give for why moving away or avoiding that thing, is a good thing…

Many do use Macs for their MG development.

Get familiar with Paths and file locations, maybe some other things to be aware of as you go along…

To make life faster for you, there is a very active Discord group MonoGame Discord [] which could help you get rapid responses to most of your setup issues.

Happy Coding!

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I haven’t encountered anything major, but there are a few things that are good to know, I wrote about them on my blog:

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Awesome it’s good to hear people are using mono on Macs…Will try a full install and get to coding :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply. And you are right about that thing :).

Awesome that has given me some confidence

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A few pages to take a look at:

Setting up for Mac:

Setting up your development environment for macOS | MonoGame Documentation

The Showcase page:

Showcase (

And whenever you feel happy to assist the community:

Donate | MonoGame

Donations are entirely up to each user, I like to let people know about it as it is a little hidden in the lower corner of the about page…

Keep Coding!

I use a Mac exclusively for Monogame development. Overall, it works great but Visual Studio for Mac still has some bugs in it though it’s getting better with each update. Also, Monogame does not put a minimize button on the game window when running on a Mac. There is one when the same game is run on a Windows box though.

I think you’ll have trouble matching the tooling of Visual Studio (vscode isn’t there) but can be done.

If you have an M1 or newer processor, you could run a Windows VM with VS in it too. But as others note, can be done.

I developed Jetboard Joust pretty much solely on a Mac, I even did the PC and Linux builds on the mac via VMWare Fusion. And this was mainly on a Mac Pro tower from 2008!

VS is better on Windows (particularly the analytics tools) but it’s still fine on Mac and getting better all the time.

Developing shaders on a Mac is a PITA (unless something’s changed very recently you have to do it on a VM running Windows). That is the worst part IMO.

edit You asked about consoles, that has to be done on Windows as none of the console dev tools support Mac anyway.

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Veri Basic Question: What Edition of Visual Studio for MAC is need to install Monogame, do we need the Professional Edition?

Community Edition works just fine.