Anyone with a Xbox Series X|S able to help test a screen issue?

Within the last couple of weeks I’ve received a couple of reports from players that only the top left quarter of my game is appearing stretched across the whole screen. The game has been out for a year and was originally submitted to the store before the new consoles were out.

My understanding was the Xbox One version should work on the new consoles without changes and compatibility with the new consoles was listed automatically. I currently only have a Xbox One for development.

One player reported this occurred on a Xbox Series X with a 4K TV. However this doesn’t appear to affect all Xbox Series X players as the Microsoft usage reports shows many sessions which last hours each for this console. Maybe the issue is related to the 4K output as the temporary workaround for them was to set the Xbox display settings to output 1080p instead.

If anyone has a Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S (maybe a Xbox One X as well) it would be greatly appreciated if you could help test if this issue occurs or doesn’t occur for you. In particular I’m interested if this is only a Xbox Series X issue and if this only occurs on 4K TVs.

The game is Concept Coaster Craft 2 (Concept Coaster Craft 2 | Xbox) and the trial can be downloaded by getting the game through the search bar on Xbox. It should be clear if this issue is present from just viewing the loading screen or title screen.

Thank you in advance.

Tested on an Xbox One X running in 4k. Appears to be working as expected.

Thank you, that is great to know for Xbox One X.

From what I found out it seems that at 4K the CurrentDisplayMode has the following values:
Xbox One X (4K Output): 1920 x 1080
Xbox Series X (4K Output): 3840 x 2160

So because Xbox One X upscales the issue was only present for Xbox Series X.

After making that post in January I did release an update with this change (thanks to a PR by @nkast)

I think this PR was necessary for my game because I set the PreferredBackBuffer manually according to the resolution (allowing for a dynamic aspect ratio) rather than leave it at the default 1080p values.

I noticed that playtime on Xbox Series X increased significantly after this update according to the Microsoft store reports although it would have been good to confirm this properly.

Thanks again for you help.

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