App crashes when forcing back from admob tap

I am seeing an unusual crash behavior with my monogame: when I tap on an ad, then use the app list to get back to my app, the screen is black and the app crashes.

These other scenarios work just fine:

  • Tap on an ad then tap back buttton to return to app
  • Press home, then use the app list to get back to app
  • Use app list to go to the same ad page in chrome, then use app list to return

Here’s the log from where there is a crash. I can’t see anything suspicious and it looks just like the logs from the situations that work.

02-24 18:07:14.154 I/ViewRootImpl( 692): ViewRoot’s Touch Event : ACTION_DOWN
02-24 18:07:14.283 I/ViewRootImpl( 692): ViewRoot’s Touch Event : ACTION_UP
02-24 18:07:14.573 I/Timeline( 692): Timeline: Activity_launch_request id:com.niftibits.Trapdot time:342080626
02-24 18:07:14.735 D/AudioTrack( 692): stop(): 0x88fa1100
02-24 18:07:14.736 D/AudioTrackShared( 692): this(0x88fa20c0), mCblk(0x88601000), front(2531373), mIsOut 1, interrupt() FUTEX_WAKE
02-24 18:07:14.750 I/SensorManager( 692): removeAllSensors() [Sensor: LGE Accelerometer] by android.view.OrientationEventListener.disable():108
02-24 18:07:14.849 D/DynamitePackage( 692): Instantiating
02-24 18:07:14.860 I/Ads ( 692): Ad opening.
02-24 18:07:14.870 I/Timeline( 692): Timeline: Activity_launch_request time:342080923
02-24 18:07:14.890 I/Ads ( 692): Ad leaving application.
02-24 18:07:14.914 W/Ads ( 692): The webview does not exist. Ignoring action.
02-24 18:07:15.104 I/Timeline( 692): Timeline: Activity_idle id: android.os.BinderProxy@9722e63 time:342081157
02-24 18:07:16.445 D/MonoGame( 692): MonoGameAndroidGameView.SurfaceDestroyed

I have this problem too, and I haven’t been able to work around it. Did you ever find a way? For now, I’ve given up.

I know this probably isn’t the answer you are looking for, but I gave up on ads. I think this was good to do because the revenue from ads is just pathetic and it detracts from the game. Ads also take a lot of time and make the code more complex. Without the ads I could spend that time polishing the app or developing new features. What I have learned about monotizing apps is that the real money is in offering extensions to the game so that the customer feels like they are getting more game by spending the money. - just my two cents.

Happy coding,