App distributed via store fails to activate

Our game runs on any machine that has developer mode turned on but fails to launch if developer mode is off

For distribution, as we are currently trying to release, this means that we fail review. Testers in a private package flight, also cannot launch the app.

We have a dummy Windows 10 project built on a sample, that has our game code, and monogame attatched. It does not suffer this issue. Currently, we are gradually turning our dummy project back into the game by including content, source and assets.

What would cause an app to fail activation like this?

Msdn forums post by us

Stack Overflow by us

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Figured it out.

After running a set of private package flights on a sample app for the past 2 days to isolate the issue, we found that the cause was the AppSimulator.

Asking this for license information on a non-developer machine throws a generic exception.

XBLIG gave you a specifc error for this simple mistake, yet UWP almost 10 years later just gives you something generic.


Thanks for sharing this