App for ipad question [solved]

Sorry, not strictly a MG question, but you guys are my only tech forum.

I don’t use ANY mobile devices, and I can’t find an answer for this online, and apple won’t let me sign up for their forum to ask them… People I know who use ipads don’t even know what I mean, they are hopeless-

I need to know if you can ONLY get apps / programs through the “app store” or you can download and run stuff like off any website like on a REAL computer. Don’t have a mobile device, so can’t find out for my self.

No, ipad apps need to be installed from the App Store.

What you are looking for is sideloading and you need a scrapple account to do it too, not to mention a mac… mmmm burgers… [damn lockdowns]

I despise this sort of system, I can’t believe people buy it… We were talking about other company pads, do they have the same level of control? I’ve heard of google-play (for androids) which is prolly like the app store. But does a microsoft pad also force “controlled” software? … It’s a nightmare from a modder/programmer point of view…!

You can sideload, no special stuff required, there is an option in system settings for it.

I am talking of Windows 10 of course.

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I’m inclined to agree, and which is why I don’t develop for Apple. I’d like to be able to learn, but in my research I couldn’t find any on the level way of doing it without having to both pay up front for an Apple dev account, and purchase an Apple computer to compile on.

It’s a real shame because on the Google side of things, they’re basically all like, “Yea, go make stuff! Let us know if you wanna sell it and then we’ll hammer out the details. Otherwise, feel free to play and learn!”

To be fair you don’t have to pay up front to develop. You can get a free Apple developer account and test in the simulator or on a device. If you deploy to a device though, the app is only valid for 7 days before you must redeploy, which is a reasonable limitation in my mind to allow local testing, where you’re probably redeploying every day anyway.

Oh, I thought you needed the paid account. I couldn’t get it working without an Apple computer (ie, not my iphone) on my network though. Visual Studio wouldn’t build, so I couldn’t run it on anything (my phone or simulator).

The last time I spent any time looking into it though was maybe a year and a half ago. If it’s different now, I think that’s great!