App icon

I’ve been trying to change the icon that shows in the app dock from the stock Monogame one to my games one. I tried adding it in the .plist and copying the .icns file into the bundle and also tried adding it as an embedded resource, but just cannot get it to display. How do I get this working? For reference, I’m using Xamarin Studio.
Thanks in advance!

You have checked this out, right?

Hello everyone,

the thread is a little bit older but I have a problem with the icons on a mac monogame app.
If I do everything that´s listed in the guide my custom icon is shown while the app is loading which means that it jumps up and down in the dock. As soon as the app has finished loading the icon changes to the monogame-icon (red M). I just can´t figure out how to change that.
Am I missing something?

Thank you for your help,


Hi there,

i solved it. You have to add an Icon.bmp (yes bmp-format!) to the project and that will be used in the dock as soon as the app has finished loading.