Apple Deprecating OpenGL... How Does This Affect MonoGame MacOS Ports?

Title pretty much says it all. Should I plan on not having a MacOS version of my game?

It’s getting deprecated, but it isn’t getting dropped immediately so for now you’ll be fine.
This is extra incentive for the MG team to work on the Metal graphics back end so we can keep supporting Mac in the future.

Thanks for the response Jjagg! I’m about two years from release, so this makes me question whether I should promise people a MacOS version of the game… especially if I end up doing some type of crowd-funding…

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I think that’s a good concern that I hadn’t considered. Hopefully there can be some discussion of reprioritization of that feature in light of the news, and a timeline should follow.

For once, Apple made a good move… wow… :thumbsup:

I don’t see how that possibly benifits them.

Anyone who has a ogl app on mac they like will end up with a app that won’t run unless the author rewrites the whole thing to a totally different api. Seems a little crazy to me.
Worse metal is totally proprietary so they can pull the rug whenever they like, i can only imagine it will annoy some of their customers.


I don’t see how that possibly benifits them.

It’s deprecated, not cut. The version of GL used is the final version.

Apple isn’t quite MS so this isn’t going to be 16bit support nuts where stuff works for 20 years, but they’ve supported trash for 10 years.

Metal isn’t rectifiable with Vulkan, nor is DX12 rectifiable with the others. Subsets, sure, but that’s lowest common denominator trash.

Having professionally worked with all of them and shipped for Vulkan and DX12, there is no way to rectify them without settling on some LCD scenario (Unreal/Unity settle on FPS), aside from Metal sucking at shaders.

If your stuff is shader heavy you’ll want to stick to GL on Apple for a while, shader performance of metal is like a prostate infection … sitting on a pile of chestnuts.