Apple silicon goodness

Just wanted to say that I compiled and ran monogame natively on the M1 chip with dotnet 6.0.

There might be issues I dont know of and it seems the monogame content has to be compiled with rosetta… I just compiled SDL with xcode, popped the .dylib in the runtimes folder and before I knew it there was some sweet apple sillicon cornflower blue :heart_eyes: Made me happy thats all:)


One thing though…

When I build the project, MonoGame keeps overwriting my universal sdl binary with its intel-only one preventing the app from running successfully until I overwrite it again with the correct one.

Is there a way to prevent monogame from shoving its libSDL2-2.0.0.dylib in that folder on build?

Or alternatively make it copy my fresh universal binary instead?


I see now that there’s already a universal binary in the dependencies repo im guessing ill automatically get that one if I switch to the develop branch?