Arch (ECS) received another few updates! Check them out! :)

Small update for Arch (ECS): GitHub - genaray/Arch: A high-performance C# based Archetype & Chunks Entity Component System (ECS) with optional multithreading.

Arch recently received a lot of improvements and some smaller new features :slight_smile:
Especially some new API and Tools (Located in GitHub - genaray/Arch.Extended: Extensions for Arch with some useful features like Systems, Source Generator and Utils. ). E.g. Some first native collections (UnsafeArray / UnsafeList ) or a Resource-Handler and some other stuff like a static source generated eventbus :slight_smile:

Arch also recently received an unsafe/managed hybrid version : GitHub - genaray/Arch at feature/unsafe
That one stores unmanaged components automatically in unmanaged memory (chunks) to reduce gc pressure ^^

Thats it for the update, see you in a few weeks :>
Check it out, leave some feedback, contribution or even a star ! <3