"Arch" entity component system - Received new features, Check it out ! :)

A few months ago I developed a C# high performance ECS designed for game development and data oriented programming : Arch.

Its already matured and already has tons of cool features (even has its own source generator Arch.Extended)! Recently it received a few other cool features like Bulk Query Operations, which can be used to bulk destroy or modify entities with an insane performance :slight_smile:

var queryDescription = new QueryDescription().WithAll<Player,Mob,Building>().WithNone<Dead>();
world.Destroy(in queryDescription); // Destroys all 
world.Set<T0,...T25>(in queryDescription, ...); // Sets their components in a bulk
world.Add<T0,...T25>(in queryDescription, ...); // Adds components in a bulk
world.Remove<T0,...T25>(in queryDescription); // Removes components in a bulk

There tons of other features, aswell as integrated multithreading support :)Feel free to check it out, leave some feedback and a star! <3

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