Are objects outside of the frustum drawn?


As I’ve mentioned in the title, are object outside of the camera view drawn? If yes, is there an implemented way to not draw them in order to optimize the game or am I responsible of detecting them and ignore the draw?

Thank you.

MonoGame does not provide any automatic scene culling or frustum culling as it has no idea how your scene is structured. It would also be far too inefficient for MonoGame to calculate the bounds of a primitive each time it is drawn, and which type of bounds would it use (sphere, AABB, OBB)? If an object has child objects, does that object’s bounds encompass the bounds of all its children?

What MonoGame does provide are the tools for you to implement the most appropriate culling for your scene. A BoundingFrustum can be created from the camera matrix, and the bounds that you maintain for your game objects (BoundingBox, BoundingSphere) can be tested against that BoundingFrustum object.

Great, thank you for the answer and the hint on how to implement it.