Are Texture2D xnbs binary compatible between platforms?

I’m having the idea to add a couple xnbs of Texture2Ds as DLL embedded resources.
Now I’m wondering if these xnbs are binary compatible with other platforms, couldn’t find any information on this.

Nevermind, they are not compatible. Now I remember, when a content manager loads an xnb, it first checks it was built for the current platform. In other words, even if the binary content were compatible, it would throw an exception because the ‘manifest’ tells it wasn’t built for it.

MG is more flexible than XNA in this.
Remember to avoid Compressed formats that are platform specific.
You can build a texture with COLOR format and it will work on all platforms.

Just checked the source, it is not constraining the platform it was built from indeed. Which Compressed format is crossplatform?

I’ve just found that there is a ResourceContentManager availlable, that’s pretty much what I need.

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The only compressed format that should work on all platforms is 16-bit. You can’t use Compressed or any specific compressed format in a true cross platform scenario.

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