are there any good physics engines for monogame?

It seems that box2d won’t work in c#, so are there any alternatives? thanks in advance!

I don’t mean to sound narcy, but you really need to search the forums before asking questions, this has been asked many times:


Just to give you a sample.

sorry that I’m so ignorant…I’ve searched a lot on the Internet and I guess farseer is a good choice. thanks!

Farseer Physics Engine is based on Box2D, which means we have a lot of features in common. However, we also have a lot more features that are not included in the Box2D engine.

Farseer was originally based on Box2D so it will feel familiar if you’ve already used Box2D in the past.

On the download page you’ll see that they do have official

Support for MonoGame

thse days. I haven’t used it recently so I’m not sure how hard it is to get going but I have used it in the past and it was very good once you get past the initial setup.