are there any IDEs aside Visual Studio

Is there any faster IDEs aside from Visual Studio? My problem with VS is it that it took me so much time to debug which isn’t much satisfying to develop with. I’m thinking of using faster debuggers like VSCode or Notepad++. I already know VS will create files for me but if so is there any chance a guide for manually setting up files on your own? If it isn’t recommended I’m fine iwith it if it’s fine to do then I don’t mind if it’s going to be too complicated.

Just use the command line?


That sounds like something someone used to say :wink:

There is Rider, umm, and a few others but, what exactly is slow?

Can you list your system specifications?

Processor: Intel(R) Core™ i5-10210U CPU @ 1.60GHz 2.11 GHz
Ram: 4.00 GB (3.83 GB usable)
64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

people having potatoes like me exists you know

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I am using VSCode and made a video with the setup (windows is the same once you get into the VSCode at around 0:40):


Laptop? if you can, upgrade to two 4GB RAM sticks or if only a single slot, a single 8GB stick, it will help tremendously, what storage drive does it have? an upgrade to an SSD could help speed things up, I went through a thorough write up on this some time ago, might be in my topics…

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A 10th gen Intel is not a potato, as @MrValentine suggested, your bottle neck is the amount of ram you have. I would upgrade to 16 GB and if you do not have a SSD, upgrade that as well.

Visual Studio is a beast (not in a good way) and a memory memory hog.

Most of my work projects clock in at a minimum of 2 GB memory in VS 2022 once it has settled down.

Just a a frame of reference my work system is a 2nd gen i7 16 GB ram and SSDs.

Compile times for my average solution, is < 30 seconds. An average solution is usually 4 projects.

VS Code is a light weight editor, it uses the .Net SDK for coding, compiling and debugging.

Jet Brains Rider is Java based and not free. There is a trial version so you can give it a test run and see if you like it.

I personally use this on my home rig.

There is also Eclipse, another Java based IDE. Also has the ability to compile .Net.

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thnx this just saved me up some space from vs community