Are there launchers for Cross-Platform games?


I’m publishing my first commercial game late spring/early summer.
I was wondering if there is easy one-click launcher to handle launching the game for each platform, or maybe native .exe (I don’t know what Linux/Mac use lol) that opens the game on non-Windows platforms.
I know about MonoKickstart, but using it confused some of my testers and some cases required using console to launch the game. Especially if my game comes to Steam I want players to be able to click the Play button and enjoy the game instead of going through console or loads of .exes/bins/whatevers looking for the right one.

Thank you for your hard work on MonoGame, hopefully 3.6 is released before my game so I can upgrade the project to it :slight_smile:

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I’d like to know this too, this could be useful for all developers here. Installing mono-complete and running the game through console is pain in the ass for average customer.

The Launcher could automatically recognize Operating System, install missing dependencies and Launch the game correctly depending on the platform.

I don’t know anything about Linux / Mac so I can’t contribute to this idea, but I’d like to see something like this bundled with MonoGame :stuck_out_tongue: