Are video textures possible in MonoGame ?

Hi all,
I have a Windows XNA application that I want to port to Mono Game. I use a lot of HD videos as textures. Is this possible in Mono Game? Pushing HD video to texture, at 30fps? Considering I have good enough hardware. It only needs to work on Windows Desktop.


Don’t recomend it, can’t you use frame animation inside a texture packer ?

Not really, in my application the clients provide their own videos, and they can be 2-20 minutes long.

I’d say that depends on how you’re currently handling the video textures. Are you using the XNA VideoPlayer and calling VideoPlayer.GetTexture or a custom implementation? If it’s the former, assuming the MonoGame team implemented the function in the current build, I don’t see why you couldn’t make this work.

I am using XNA’s VideoPlayer. But - XNA doesn’t support loading a video from a file at runtime, so I have to trick it by generating my own XNB descriptor file. Does Mono Game implement VideoPlayer in a way that allows run-time loading of video files ?