Are XNA Tutorials recommended for MonoGame?

Hello, I started to learn MonoGame and I really like it so far.

However, there aren’t many official MonoGame Tutorials and the ones from other people are often XNA instead of MonoGame. Is MonoGame still similar enough to XNA to use XNA Tutorials?


Hi mirogon

Yes, I really think so. To be honest, I still have not experienced any diffrences. So go for it.

One book i have read was xna 4.0 by Aaron Reed (something like this) and I got the basics together.


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Hi @mirogon, Welcome to the Community!

What platforms are you targeting?

Happy Coding!

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Hi @MrValentine I’m currently only targeting Windows but that may change in the future.


Windows Desktop or UWP?


You can follow any and every XNA tutorial then, just be aware OpenGL shaders and DirectX have slight differences, other than that, just look out for broken code, if you come across something that should be working, post about it on the forum here or in the discord chat.