Asqr for Windows Phone 8

Asqr is all about a square, trapped in a collection of mazes, where you control him by tilting your device and guide him through many obstacles to reach out the exit point. Not so easy though, each maze has been equipped with obstacles and deadly hazards, such as red walls and moving orange blocks. With avoiding all of these, you need to reach to the green zone to move into the next one. Each maze also contains three stars to collect, don’t forget them to achieve the perfect level play. You need to think hard and play fast in order to overcome the levels, so be prepared!

With being elegant in Visual and superb in Audio, Asqr offers hours of fun for gamers on any age! The list of it’s features is as follows :

  • An addictive tilt based gameplay.
  • Pick up and play for any age.
  • Simple but elegant visuals.
  • An energetic soundtrack to company the likewise gameplay.

You can download it for FREE from here :

We used Cocos2D XNA on top of MonoGame to port it from our iOS + Cocos2D codebase. Kudos and many thanks for both library developers for all their help!