Assistance for Unity developers wanting to migrate their work

Hey guys,

I’ve been doing a bit of thinking, also considering this topic here: How good of a replacement is MonoGame for Unity?
I won’t waste time ranting over the situation, it is what it is and what it is is clear. However, I thought that maybe I can be of some practical help for folks who might consider migrating their Unity projects to MonoGame or having difficulties so far. I’d like to get you started and here’s what I had in mind:

  • Prepare a short presentation/elevator pitch of your project or concept you have in mind for your game. Basically, what are the mechanics, technical challenges and how you’d want it to look as a finished product (some UX mockups maybe). Also, on what platforms you want this to run;
  • Me and/or others would take a look and give feedback on the feasibility of this done with MonoGame and possibly write a small prototype that should align with what you want. Nothing fancy, just the sandbox, some resources, some simple mechanics maybe;
  • You’d then take ownership of it and continue while when needed, ask me/us for help to get you going further.

Offcourse, I cannot impose on anyone elses’ time but I volunteer to help this way for free as best I am able to.

Personally, I have very little experience with 3D, but 2D I know. So if your project is a 2D tile game of sorts, it’s right up my alley and I’m eager to see it.

If you do not want to make certain aspects of your project public, contact me or anyone else that has time to help, in private.