At the time of this post, is there any way to start a MG3.6 project on a Mac?

The title of the post says the gist of it - my plan is to create the shared project on my Mac so that I can work on it both from my Mac and my PC, since creating the project on PC first didn’t seem to work. I can’t see that the MG templates exist for either XS, MonoDevelop, or VS for Mac, however. Any ideas on how to proceed?

Yes, I have a successful project on a Mac using VS for Mac. You can look at github samples or whatever you need to create blank project and solution files and set them up manually by editing them in a plain text editor.

I primarily develop on my PC now and use Xamarin’s free Mac build server feature or whatever it’s called. The project was originally created on my Mac though, and works on both.

i believe at the moment the add-in for vs for mac isnt available. but you can download monodevelop en use that for creating monogame projects. there you can install the correct add-in.

Do you mean Xamarin Studio? That’s all I see when I visit the monodevelop page. I installed this yesterday but was still unable to see any add-ins for monogame.

Edit: Just re-installed Xamarin and now I see the add-in. Cool.

I actually don’t know what the add-in is, but I don’t think it’s required because I don’t have it and haven’t had any issues.