Atari VCS - developer hardware without devkit

We’re thinking of porting one of our XBLIG titles to VCS. We already have MonoGame versions of it on Android and iOS (it was actually built for those first then backported to XNA). We’re trying to work out how best to do the actual port.

Do we need an actual VCS dev kit to start with, or can we get most of the way there by using MonoDevelop on a linux box? If so, what kind of spec of machine should we be aiming for (given we want to dev on it, not just run the built game). Particularly concerned about the graphics capabilities. Initially we thought about a Raspberry Pi but not sure it’s up to the job - or the right fork of linux.

Or are we overthinking it? I don’t think MonoGame is quite as simple as “write once, run anywhere” but is our dev environment on Windows/Visual Studio going to be enough up until the final deploy step for VCS?