att. Tom and monogame team

hello , the problem is this
we are about to hire some people two make our old game zombies night out windows phone
convert to android,tvos,ios,mac ,xbox and other platforms
when is there gonna be a release of monogame 3.8 and above if you can gave a date it will be fine.

the game zombies night windows phone game was done in marts 2011 and got by the end of 2012 700.000 downloads and there was sold windows phones 1.8 million windows phones as end of 2012 so we think that we give a chance one more time with 4 levels and action game play

hope you can help out here before we invest money in this project
best regards
Michael hansen

scroll to build status

click a platform
click on the most recent successful build
click artifacts.

Haven’t tried it myself yet but im pretty sure they have 3.8 working for the most part.
Its using nuget now. The most recent successful build can be built yourself though from the nightly.