Attack of Giant Jumping Man - First Game Footage


First game footage of the MonoGame title I’ve been working on available here. It’s taken two indie devs a year to get this far. We don’t know when it’ll be finished but it’ll be a lot quicker if we can get some funding and ditch the day jobs!

‘Attack of Giant Jumping Man’, is a fast-paced, anarchic, retro-themed action-platformer. The game’s hero, Mr. Ron, is 30ft high, naked, and has been granted the power of a magic magnetic penis as a gift from God (who features prominently in the game). He can also grow as big as a skyscraper and set himself on fire if he eats enough donuts. It’s kind of a cross between Super Mario, Monty Python, and a particularly cheesy Godzilla movie.

Any likes/shares much appreciated. |

Holy crap, this looks adorable and hilarious and fun. This has a lot of promise, and I hope you keep up with it.

Thanks for watching and for the kind words - we really hope we can keep up with it too!

Looks really great. Awesome job!

Impressive work. It looks fun.
I’m looking forward to the release.

Thanks for the positive comments everyone - glad you like it!

@BitBull - I would love to include this in the MonoGame 2015 showcase video we’re working on. When do you roughly plan to ship? Is it in early access anywhere?

Hi Tom,

Thanks very much for the interest - not in early access but I can get you a demo if you like. You can mail me on james at bitbull dot com.

Ship date as yet unconfirmed - we’re really hoping it’ll ship Q2 2016. In dialog with publishers at the moment. I don’t know if this is all too vague but we’d love to be included in the 2015 showcase if you think it’s appropriate!


Thanks @BitBull.

While I love the footage i’ve seen I think I can’t make it one of the primary games featured in the 2015 showcase because it really is likely a release deep into 2016.

That said how things are shaping up we’re including a lot of really short clips at the end of the video. I think I could live with including it in there and revisiting it again in the 2016 showcase.