Audio doesn't work


the problem : on Windows, can’t get any sound :slight_smile:

I create an instance of SoundClass (with Song class it’s the same)

I load the song with the Content.Load()

I play it with method Play().

it doesn’t work, no song …

What’s the problem ?

Can anyone help me ?


That’s rather broad. You haven’t specified a platform or any other details of what you have tried. There’s also hundreds of people using MonoGame right now with sound, so we need some more specific details.

Are there any speakers plugged in ? :slight_smile:
Does other software produce sound (VLC for ex) etc…

This sounds oddly similar to the problem I had (SoundEffect not audible, MediaPlayer producing choppy sound)…
Try manually installing OpenAL.


I found an answer :download open all.dll
then copy it on windows/system32 and if you are running a 64 bit, also copy it on SysWOW64.

actually, it works on my computer.

good luck