Audio is broken on iOS

Hi all,

I’ve spent most of the last month writing and rewriting my audio engine in the hopes to overcome some bugs in MonoGame’s iOS Audio implementation with little success. I’m using the latest version (

No matter how I handle audio, whether through XACT, as SoundEffects/SoundEffectInstances, or as Songs, Monogame is incapable of managing the files without mixing them up.

Audio clips cut short, or don’t play at all. They randomly mix up their pitch and volume settings. They occasionally start as one file and then halfway through play another. A background song will suddenly change pitch, cut out, and then randomly turn into a sound effect. All of this with or without any XACT implementation.

I’ve added as many fail-safes and cue management systems to try and manage this mess, but these issues are completely out of my hands. I can accept the rare odd sound effect, but when my music or dialogue cuts out it destroys the experience. Is there anything that can be done? Thanks.

Sorry to bump this, but are these problems unique to my experience? Perhaps unique to iOS development?

I’ll have to settle with shipping with broken audio, but I’d love to know if this is simply an issue with the current version of Monogame that will hopefully be fixed.

Hi all, for anyone who is having similar issues I’ve discovered that many of my problems were related to multithreading. I use a lot of threaded tasks in my application and it seems to screw with everything audio-related. While removing multithreading isn’t an ideal solution, and I still need to use it for loading content, it did fix a lot of the random issues with audio.

Here’s hoping the issue will someday be fixed and I can re-enable threaded tasks to boost performance.